School Advisory Committee Meeting 2017/18, School of Business

The School Advisory Committee Meeting 2017/18 was held on 17 April 2018, with industry experts and academic leaders gathered to review and advise the strategic developments of the School.

The Chairman warmly welcomed members of the School Advisory Committee and the Dean of School of Business updated them on recent developments of the School and the College. Members were enthusiastic about the latest development of both, including the aspiration of the School for the AACSB Accreditation and the College’s quest for a university title. They all expressed a generous support on their involvements in the School and the College. There was a fruitful exchange on the table and the School appreciated every valuable input by the members.

(from left) Mr Wilson Cheng, Prof M.K. Nyaw, Prof Bradley Barnes, Dr Francis Kwok, Prof Danny Wong, Ms Carrie Leung

Prof Danny Wong (right), Chairman of the Committee and Prof Bradley Barnes, Dean of School of Business, welcomed members

Mr Wilson Cheng(right), Partner of Ernst & Young Tax Service Limited, provided feedback on the School’s latest development

Prof Bradley Barnes and Prof M.K. Nyaw (left), former Vice-President of Lingnan University, exchanged their views with the members

Dr Francis Kwok, Managing Director of Liebherr (HKG) Limited and Ms Carrie Leung (right), Chief Executive Officer of Hong Kong Institute of Bankers shared their insights on internships for HSMC students


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