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    2019/20 年度發表的學術論文

    Liao, E., & Hui, C. (2019). A Resource-Based Perspective on Leader-Member Exchange: An Updated Meta-Analysis. Asia Pacific Journal of Management, 1-54.

    Ng, V. M. T., Huang, E. G. H., & Young, M. N. (2019). Should I Stay or Should I Go? Understanding Employees’ Decisions to Leave After Mergers in Hong Kong’s Banking Industry. Asia Pacific Journal of Management, 36, 1-29.

    2019/20 年度出版的書籍及章節

    Chui, S. L. M. (2019). Inclusive Leadership and Responsible Innovation: Toward a Contingency Perspective of Leader-Follower Dynamics in Work Integration Social Enterprises. Routledge.

    Man, T. W. Y. (2019). Nurturing Entrepreneurial Competencies Through University-Based Entrepreneurship Centers: A Social Constructivist Perspective. In Katz, J.A. and Corbett, A.C. (Eds), Seminal Ideas for the Next Twenty-Five Years of Advances (Advances in Entrepreneurship, Firm Emergence and Growth, Vol. 21), Emerald Publishing Limited, pp. 141-161.

    Liao, E. Y. & Zhang, Q. (2019). Negotiation styles inspired by Chinese Wisdom. In Negotiation Essentials for Lawyers, A. K. Schneider & C. Honeyman (Eds.). American Bar Association.

    2019/20 年度獲頒的資助

    研究資助局 - 教員發展計劃 (FDS)Dr Eko Liao在矛盾中領導:關於控制 - 自治的二元方法
    研究資助局 - 教員發展計劃 (FDS)Dr Amy Wang共同利益下的排擠?基於社會信息處理的排擠之於旁觀者研究
    研究資助局 - 跨院校發展計劃 (IIDS)Dr Cathy Leung21世紀女性抬頭:從數碼知識提升社經地位


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