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    The Department of Management adheres to the people-oriented principle and the liberal arts spirit, aiming to nurture a new generation of management elites. Although the BBA-MGT, BBA-HRM, and BBA-GBM curricula have different focuses, they all value students’ whole-person development. Through the local and overseas internship and exchange programmes, our students’ competitive advantages are thus strengthened to cope with different challenges in today’s work environment.

    The Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) in Management (BBA-MGT) is the first programme offered by the Department of Management in 2014, characterized by its flexible curriculum design. While BBA-MGT students are required to take the most important core modules in Management, they are autonomous to choose a variety of elective modules according to their own interests, abilities, and career aspirations, whereby the flexibility of students’ personal growth and career choices is enhanced. Although the programme development of BBA-MGT is rather short in time, it has been widely recognized by teachers, students, and parents, and it has become a popular programme for numerous candidates.

    The second programme offered by the Department of Management is the Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) in Human Resource Management (BBA-HRM) launched in 2018. Capitalizing on the advantage of a private university, BBA-HRM strives to keep the curriculum design in sync with the latest development trend of HR. For example, students’ mastery of HRIS knowledge helps them take the lead in the HR digital age. Students’ familiarity with Employment Law and Business Law also helps them adapt the complex legal environment that HR professionals must cope with. Likewise, BBA-HRM has swiftly become the most preferred programme for a lot of candidates.

    The latest programme offered by the Department of Management is the Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) in Global Business Management (BBA-GBM) launched in 2019. BBA-GBM is committed to encouraging students to envision the global future, aiming to develop and foster students’ knowledge, skills, and abilities for jobs in global business organizations. Through a stimulating curriculum with practical overseas exposure and experiences, students can build the desired global leader attributes such as business insights, analytical mind, and international experience.



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