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The Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) in Management (BBA-MGT) is the first programme offered by the Department of Management. BBA-MGT pledges to provide a state-of-the-art study programme in management. The well-rounded curriculum helps to train students as well-rounded individuals and sharpens their competitive edge in the rapidly changing work environment.

BBA-MGT requires students to take minimal yet essential core modules, while they can choose a variety of elective modules from different disciplines. As such, they may explore general business areas or focus on narrow business niches, according to their own interests and career aspirations. Our department also provides as many study tours and internship opportunities for students as we can.

BBA-MGT graduates’ career prospects vary from global managers who want to pursue managerial careers in multinational corporations to entrepreneurs who wish to establish their own companies. Since they are trained to be an expert in managing people, they are suitable for a variety of careers that involve human skills, such as assistant managers, human resources assistants, executive officers, or small business owners. BBA-MGT graduates are also eligible to apply for a variety of postgraduate studies, such as MBA, MPhil, and PhD, in both local and overseas universities.


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