• Program Design and Implementation:

    The EYT program is meticulously designed to ensure its effectiveness and impact. From 2022 to 2023, the program will train 110 college students and engage with 200 elderly individuals. The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong will develop a specialized financial education training course tailored to the needs of college students. This comprehensive course not only covers subject knowledge in personal financial management but also incorporates training by the University’s Service-Learning Unit to enhance transgenerational communication skills. To enrich the learning experience, the program may invite guest speakers from HASE to share their insights and expertise with the students.

    Students participating in the program will be required to complete the entire training curriculum and pass an assessment before they can actively engage in financial educational workshops for the elderly. These workshops will be conducted by the trained students themselves. To ensure an engaging and interactive learning environment, the program will utilize various pedagogical approaches such as role play, storytelling, multi-media case analysis, simulation games, experiential learning tasks, and group discussions. Prior to each workshop, a briefing session will be provided to the participants, reminding them of the necessary preparations and precautions.

    As a token of appreciation for their dedicated service, students will receive a certificate and a HKD 1000 allowance upon completing their involvement in the program. The EYT program aims to have a significant impact on both student and elderly participants. It seeks to enhance their financial knowledge, raise awareness of digital financial services, develop essential soft skills for future employability, and provide valuable opportunities for intergenerational interaction and harmony.


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