• The Junzi Launching Ceremony 2023 cum Business Leader Forum was successfully held on 23 February 2023. During the Ceremony, Dr Belinda YAU, Assistant Professor of the Department of Accountancy, presented the 2023 Junzi Corporation Survey and highlighted the resumption of the street interview, considering the recent withdrawal of several pandemic measures. Dr YAU has also led the representatives of the student survey team to conduct a campaign rally which declared the 2023 Junzi Corporation Survey has successfully launched. Dr Lawrence LEI, Assistant Professor of the Department of Accountancy, has introduced the details of the 12th Junzi Corporation Awards and the… Read more...
    香港恆生大學與國際商學會東南亞分會合辦2020國際商學會東南亞分區會議 首次由香港恒生大學(恒大)承辦的2020國際商學會東南亞分區會議於2020年12月3至5日於恒大校園以及網路同時舉行。大會開幕典禮由香港恒生大學商學院院長李海東教授主持。國際商學會東南亞分會會長,香港恒生大學校長,以及國際商學會會長分別於會上發表了歡迎辭。 逾130名來自澳洲、智利、中國、法國、香港、日本、澳門、馬來西亞、菲律賓、台灣、泰國、阿聯酋、英國、及美國的學者與嘉賓於是次會議發表了逾100篇研究報告。 A full list of keynote speech is available at: https://sbus.hsu.edu.hk/en/aib/2020-aibsear-hk-conference/keynote-speakers/ Previous Next… Read more...
    香港恆生大學與國際商學會東南亞分會合辦2020國際商學會東南亞分區會議 It is the first year for the Research Institute for Business (RIB), School of Business, The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong to host the Academy of International Business Southeast Asia Regional (AIBSEAR) Conference since HSUHK starts to take over the role of the Conference Secretariat. The 2020 AIBSEAR Conference, with the theme of “The Future of IB in Turbulent Times”, was held during December 3-5, 2020 both online via Zoom Meetings and at HSUHK campus with social distancing. Prof. Bradley R. Barnes, the AIBSEAR Chapter Vice Chair and Dean of the School of Business, HSUHK, officiated the Opening… Read more...
    工商管理(榮譽)學士課程辦公室於2019年4月18日舉辦「選科資訊研討會」,旨在提升工管一、二年級學生對會計學、銀行及金融學及市場學三個專修科的認識。 課程總監梁劍平博士為研討會致以開幕歡迎詞,再由三個專修科代表向同學詳細介紹選科方針、課程架構、專業認可資格及就業前景;並給予鼓勵和意見,讓同學在選擇專修科時慎重考慮個人興趣、能力及志向。 研討會以示範揀選選修意向作結,由學術顧問郭穎駿博士即場展示使用內聯網系統的注意事項。相信同學將就選科研討會所獲得的有用資訊,能於5月及6月的選科期間內有明確方向。…


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