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    A Message from Dean

    Would you like for the School of Business to carry your name i.e., be named after you or your organisation? Would your company benefit from sponsoring a research centre related to your industry? Or could you benefit from funding a Professor that would carry your name? If the answer is ‘yes’ to any off these questions, or you would like to know more, then please continue to read on to see how the School of Business can offer you a unique opportunity. We are aiming to establish some special relationships with a limited number of individuals who could benefit from working closely with us.

    The School wishes to receive some substantial pledges from generous parties who aspire to make a difference that can significantly improve value for our students and their learning environment. In slightly over two years, the School has moved from offering just four undergraduate programmes, to now having ten BBA degrees. We successfully launched an MSc in Entrepreneurial Management in 2018 and have plans to soon offer a new master’s degree in Business Management with four pathways in Accountancy & Corporate Governance, Global Business Management, Global Finance and Marketing. We are also close for the very first time to offer the opportunity for students to research for a PhD on our campus. In a bid to deliver these new initiatives, the School wishes to upgrade its capabilities and invest in greater resources to provide more World-class services.

    In order to get there, we reach out and ask if you would like to share with us in being part of these developments. We are not simply looking for ‘one off’ lump sum donations, but would prefer to work with individuals and organisations that have a passion for student learning, whilst at the same time can truly benefit from having the opportunity to sponsor or name some of our assets, thus providing an endowment to our School. We have a range of offerings available, from naming the School outright, to sponsoring a department or research centre, or simply providing an endowment fund to have a professor named after you.

    In recent years the School of Business at HSUHK has been going through some very challenging and interesting times. Whilst in October 2019, the institution was granted the University title and it was hoped at that time the government would provide financial incentives to support infrastructure and facilities, unfortunately for us, any extra backing did not transpire. The School is therefore reaching out to you in a bid to ask for support in sponsoring some of our work activities and assets. If you are interested in being part of our sponsorship and endowment pledge then please feel free to contact us. We can even work on something very specific that can cater for the individual needs of you and your organisation. I wish to thank you for your kind consideration and hope to hear from you in the near future.


    Establish your own named endowment
    School of Business

    Department (Accountancy, Economics & Finance, Management, and Marketing)
    Research Institute for Business (RIB)
    Name a Research Centre (Contemporary Issues in Capital Markets, Consumer & Organizational Behavior, Cross-Cultural Management & International Markets, Ethics & Sustainability (including Junzi), and Pedagogy, Teaching & Case Research)

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