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    MSc-EM students are required to complete 4 Core Modules, 4 Elective Modules and the MSc Project. Details of the modules are listed as below:

    Core Modules

    Providing essential knowledge for preparing a business plan in entrepreneurial context and dealing with the issue of ethics in entrepreneurship. Ethical dilemmas and ethical leadership are discussed to activate ethical considerations in the business planning process for new venture.

    Developing the understanding of creativity, entrepreneurship and the relationship between them in theory and practice through a creative problem-solving approach. A range of knowledge and skills for assessing entrepreneurial opportunities and organising a new venture will be acquired.

    Equipping students with an understanding of the most common entrepreneurial finance and accounting techniques and practices, and enabling them to gain a broader view of the financing landscape for startups or younger firms to consider various funding sources.

    Allowing students to explore the complexities of managing key marketing processes, with a focus on what is unique to and effective for entrepreneurial pursuits.

    Elective Modules (Choose 4 modules from the following)

    Giving students the opportunities to understand the unique challenges and opportunities in management and strategic issues of family firms. This module is designed towards students from sectors of private wealth management, banking, consulting, and mergers and acquisitions, and those who are also likely to co-operate or do business with family firms in their future career.

    Allowing students to explore the impacts of emerging digital technologies on traditional marketing practices. It features in-depth analysis of the Internet user characteristics and consumer behaviour in the networked-economy.

    Developing student’s understanding on the core components of managing and leading the growth and development of new ventures and entrepreneurial organisations, along with an introduction to theories, concepts, and skills relevant to these contexts.

    Equipping students with the advanced knowledge and skills to manage innovation in information technology. It addresses the important role of emerging and disruptive technologies to the success of entrepreneurial firms.

    Introducing students to recent topics in entrepreneurship and the practical issues involved for starting and managing a business, together with the ethical aspects of entrepreneurial management.

    MSc Project in Entrepreneurial Management

    Providing students with an excellent opportunity to bring together the theory and practice of entrepreneurial management learnt during the programme and to carry out an in-depth investigation into a particular theme.

    All modules are taught and assessed in English. A non-credit bearing English course on academic writing skills is open for students at their own cost. The course fee for 2023/24 intakes is HK$3,300.

    The Programme Director may request students to take this English course on academic grounds.




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