• SBUS4999 Senior Year Project (中)

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    This module is designed for final year business students who have interest to carry out their own autonomous project work. It encourages students to apply their independent thinking on criticizing and integrating the knowledge they have learnt from different modules in a specialized business topic. Example topics may include a strategic plan, an analysis of market share, management inquiry of a socially responsible business leader, or an investigation related to corporate governance, moral branding practices, business ethics and operations management. Students undertaking this module will be individually supervised by a pertinent academic staff within the School of Business.

    The module is a 3-credit course which spans from Semester 1 to Semester 2 of the academic year.

    Learning Outcomes
    Upon completion of this module, students should be able to:
    1. Plan and undertake an independent project on a topic in business
    2. Identify research questions and employ appropriate research methods for investigation
    3. Select, analyze and synthesize information relevant to the chosen topic
    4. Present findings of the project in an academic and professional manner
    5. Critically discuss and reflect upon the strengths and limitations of the study

    Indicative Module Content
    1.  An introduction to business research: Key concepts of research
    2.  Developing a topic: Theory, research questions and objectives
    3.  Literature review: Sources of literature, critical review and structure
    4.  Ethical issues and research design: Ethical responsibilities, types of research and design
    5.  Data collection and analysis: Approaches to quantitative and qualitative research, data analysis, interpretation of findings
    6.  Writing up and presenting the project report
    7.  Evaluation of progress and reflection on learning

    Enrolment Procedures
    Project Topic and Supervisor
    Before enrolling in the Senior Year Project, students should
    1. Propose a topic of study related to their discipline area, and
    2. Identify a project supervisor.

    Students who are interested in taking the module should propose a topic of study related to their discipline area and to identify an academic member who is willing to supervise the project.  Upon the consent of the academic member, students will have to complete the Senior Year Project enrolment form, with the signature of the supervisor, and submit it to the School Office for registration.

    1. Submission of the Senior Project Enrolment Form without the signature of supervisor will not be processed.
    2. Please ensure that the project topic of your study is appropriate for your degree.
    3. It is the student’s responsibility to find a supervisor.  However, if the students are unable to locate one, the School may recommend potential academic members for students to seek advice on their availability to supervise the project.   Please note that the School of Business reserves the right to reject a student proposal if the project is not suitable or if a supervisor cannot be identified.

    12 August to 7 October 2022Propose a topic of interest related to your discipline area and to identify an academic member who is willing to supervise the project
    Identify and seek consent from an academic member to act as the supervisor
    Complete the Senior Year Project enrolment form with the signature of the supervisor
    7 October 2022Deadline for Submission of the enrolment form to the School Office for registration
    21 April 2023Deadline for Submission of Project


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