• CHO Appreciation Award Presentation Ceremony 2021

    Group Photo (Dr Bernard Chan Pak-li, Mr Eddie Ng Hak-kim, Prof Bradley Barnes, Dr Amen Lee, Dr Kenneth Kwong and Dr Thomas Man)
    The School of Business of the Hang Seng University of Hong Kong proudly hosted the CHO Appreciation Award Presentation Ceremony 2021 with the CHO Academy on 30 June 2021. Prof. Bradley Barnes, Dean of the School of Business, Dr Bernard Chan Pak-li, Under Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development and Mr Eddie Ng Hak-kim GBS, JP, former Secretary for Education were gratefully invited to give speeches. It was a huge success that 10 award-winning companies came to share their joy with over 100 guests, including:
    • Bowtie Life Insurance Company Limited
    • Deloitte
    • Dialogue In The Dark (HK) Foundation Limited
    • HKBN Group
    • i Dance Enterprise Limited
    • Infinitus Plaza Hong Kong
    • LBS Corporation Limited
    • McDonald’s Hong Kong
    • Pfizer Corporation Hong Kong Ltd

    Prof. Bradley Barnes, Dr Bernard Chan Pak-li and Mr Eddie Ng Hak-kim giving opening speeches.

    Following the opening speeches, Dr Amen Lee, the CHO Founder, gave a sharing about happiness and introduced what the Chief Happiness Officer in a company is. He and Ms Mary Suen, Founder of CHO also officiated the Awardees Sharing Sessions with award-winning companies’ representatives after issuing CHO Appreciation Awards. The representatives took the opportunity to celebrate the ways to recognise and reward their colleagues and provide quality working environments to them.

    The Chief Happiness Officer is a cheer-leader in an organization responsible for creating a happiness-based work culture for both employees and staff to embrace everyone’s efforts and boost their sense of belonging.

    Two Awardees Sharing Sessions officiated by Dr Amen Lee and Ms Mary Suen.
    Group photo with 10 award-winning companies’ representatives.
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