Department of Marketing


The Department of Marketing offers the Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) in Marketing and the Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) in General Business Programme. Our Department, in line with the vision and mission of The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong, aims to be one of the best providers of undergraduate marketing education in Hong Kong. We offer a wide range of marketing modules to equip students with the multi-dimensional expertise and skills they need for their professional careers, especially in marketing-related domains.


We are committed to the development of professional competence and all-round education of our students. In particular, experiential, interactive, problem-based, and case-based learning is the cornerstone of marketing modules. Assignments are typically in the form of tasks and projects that engage students in active thinking, creating, and communicating.

Our faculty members are a team of highly qualified and experienced professors and lecturers who are dedicated to education. We have multi-faceted expertise in such areas as global and cross-cultural marketing, consumer behaviour, retail strategy, e-marketing, services marketing, brand management, advertising and promotion, and customer relationship management. In addition to excellence and innovation in business education, our members are active in academic research and they regularly publish their research outputs in academic and professional journals.


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