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    In line with the vision and mission of The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong, the Department of Economics and Finance aims to provide the best undergraduate economics and finance education in Hong Kong. We endeavour to enable our students to achieve both academic and professional success.

    Currently, there are four programmes offered by the Department.

    The BBA (Hons) in Finance and Banking

    The BBA (Hons) in Finance and Banking programme provides students with a foundational understanding of and broad exposure to the economics and financial environment. Students are required to take 12 modules related to the banking and finance concentration. Our graduates will acquire the academic and professional training to prepare themselves as professionals in banking and finance.

    The BBA (Hons) in Financial Analysis

    The BBA (Hons) in Financial Analysis programme is the second programme offered by our department and aims to provide students with core financial analytical skills to become an effective investment professional. The beauty of this programme is that the BBA aspect is more of a generalist designation while students also have specialisation in the financial analysis topics as in the Chartered Financial Analyst curriculum. Modules are designed to cover the 4 major topics on Asset Classes, Investment Tools, Portfolio Management and Wealth Management, and Ethical and Professional Standards. The programme is ideally suited for students who wish to enter the financial services field, as it provides a strong base in financial analysis. Our degree programmes not only provide students with the analytical skills necessary to understand the position of business and finance in the global economy but also the perspective to think critically about the surrounding world. Our graduates are successful in pursuing exciting careers in business, investment and finance, government and other international organisations.

    The BBA (Hons) in Economics 

    The BBA (Hons) in Economics programme is the third programme offered by our department. It aims to equip students with a solid  foundation of economics knowledge and training on research skills so that they can conduct  economic analysis in decision making and evaluate the impacts of economic issues in a business environment. This programme has many unique features,
    1.The curriculum is extremely flexible. Students are free to choose their favorite elective courses. Elective courses account for 40% of all courses in the third year, and 80% in the fourth year.
    2. We offer lots of internship opportunities to help students acquire practical knowledge and related work experience.
    3. We provide training on professional software specialized in economic analysis (normally offered in overseas master’s and doctoral programs only) to enhance students’ competitiveness in the job market.
    4. We also offer training on diverse tools of data analysis to foster students’ capability in conducting economic analysis for decision making in a business environment.
    Our specially designed modules focus on both quantitative and qualitative analysis as well as training on practical skills such as academic and business-report writing, and presentation skills. We also provide practical training focuses on the analysis of real-world economic issues through hands-on training on a variety of research software programs. Moreover, we provide lots of co-curricular learning activities and internship employment so that students can acquire practical and theoretical  knowledge as well as relevant work experience. Employment pathways of our graduates are not confined to specific industries as the knowledge of economics can be applied in different positions offered by government agencies, private sector corporations, financial institutions, think tanks, educational institutions, and non-governmental organisations (NGOs).

    The BBA (Hons) in Financial Analysis and FinTech

    The BBA (Hons) in Financial Analysis and FinTech programme is the fourth programme offered by our department. It aims to prepare graduates with knowledge in both Financial Analysis and FinTech, allowing them to integrate with the competitive finance industry. A major focus of the programme is on the application of FinTech, artificial intelligence, big data analytics and blockchain. In addition, the programme closely follows the core competency of the recognised professional standard known as the “Chartered Financial Analyst Program Candidate Body of KnowledgeTM”. It equips students with core financial analytical skills to take professional qualification examinations and become effective investment professionals with essential FinTech knowledge.

    Teaching and Learning

    Quality teaching and learning are the core activities of our department. The teaching materials of the programme are reviewed and revised regularly so as to prepare our students to meet the needs of the ever-changing world. A wide range of learning activities, such as assignments, individual and group projects, case studies, presentations, and guest seminars, are employed to develop students’ intellectual abilities as well as organisation and communication skills.

    Our Department has a team of quality and devoted members. We have highly qualified and experienced professors and tutors who are dedicated to teaching. To enhance the quality of teaching, we emphasise academic research and sharing of teaching skills. Our faculty members are encouraged to publish their research findings regularly.



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