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    1. I did not study business subjects in secondary school. Can I apply for the programmes offered by the School of Business?

    Yes. Students can apply for the bachelor’s Degree programmes offered by the School of Business of HSUHK no matter what they have studied in secondary schools.

    2. Will I have a disadvantage if I study BBA without having studied business subjects in secondary school?

    No. To align with the HSUHK’s unique “Liberal + Professional” educational model, the curricula of the School of Business are designed to accomplish such goal by connecting knowledge domains, facilitating students’ thinking and cultivating their personal values, interests and transferrable core competencies, while at the same time, providing them with a professional orientation which will allow them to enter into each particular profession with the required skills and knowledge.

    Students are required to study modules from the four study areas: Common Core Curriculum, Business Education, Major Specialties and Free Electives.

    Students who did not study business subjects in secondary school would be equipped with foundation knowledge through Common Core and Business Education Curricula to become capable in acquiring more professional knowledge in their Major Specialties during their senior years.

    3. I am an applicant for Senior Year Entry. Can I get exemption from some modules completed in other accredited tertiary institutions?

    Yes. Module exemption may be granted for modules completed in other accredited tertiary institutions. The exempted module will be excluded from the calculation of the student’s GPA. For more details, please refer to the Academic Regulations for Undergraduate Programmes.

    4. What is the Medium of Instruction (MoI) at HSUHK?

    Except for specific modules approved by the Academic Board (AB), the MoI and assessment at HSUHK is English.

    5. Are the programmes offered by the School of Business of HSUHK accredited?

    The programmes offered by our School are accredited by the Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications (HKCAAVQ) and are listed on the Qualifications Register (QR). Our Bachelor programmes are qualified as QF Level 5 while the Master programme is qualified as QF Level 6 under Hong Kong’s Qualification Framework. For the Qualifications Register, please refer to http://www.hkqr.gov.hk/HKQRPRD/web/hkqr-en/index.html.

    Apart from the HKCAAVQ accreditation, our programmes are also accredited by various professional bodies. For more information, please visit:

    6. Who should I enquire if I have other questions?

    For enquiries regarding programme details, including programme features, programme curricula and module exemption etc., please call the School of Business at 3963-5551 or email us at sbus@hsu.edu.hk.

    For enquiries about the admission details, including the tuition fee, application procedure, bursary, Principal Recommended Admission Scheme and Non-means-tested Subsidy Scheme for Self-financing Undergraduate Studies in Hong Kong etc., please visit https://registry.hsu.edu.hk/, call Registry at 3963-5555 or email to registry@hsu.edu.hk.



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