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    “I learnt a lot from this job and I really like my job because I can use the accounting knowledge that I have learnt.  I also had the opportunities to try different kinds of work. My job responsibilities were not limited to accounting, but also included some office routine work. In the past, I did not even know how to deposit a cheque but this job let me know how to do it. I think those skills are applicable to different kinds of job. It is one of the advantages of small company as the division of work is not too small. I am more familiar with the operation and structure of small-scale business now. Moreover, I learnt how to solve problems in different situations. This job also gave me the chance of both working independently and as a team.”

    Li Hiu Ching (BBA-BAF Year 4 student, worked as an intern (account clerk) from June to August 2015)

    Internship - Melody Wong

    “As a student of Banking and Finance, it was a valuable experience to be an intern in Hang Seng Bank. I worked under the Retail Distribution Department which provides efficient and quality administrative and operational support to the branch network. From this internship, I have a better understanding of the banking industry such as bank regulations, daily operations and strategy implementations, etc.

    Besides, I have equipped myself with some essential skills such as time management and effective communication, as well as how to enhance my self-confidence.  In short, this internship opportunity definitely widens my network and allows me to set the milestone for my future career.”

    Melody Wong, a former Intern in Hang Seng Bank, during March to May 2015

    Internship - Victor Ng Frankfurt internship

    Having a chance for internship in a foreign city means a lot to me. HSUHK has provided me a great chance to gain a fresh perspective on life while I was working as an intern of the Financial Institution Department at the Bank of China Frankfurt Branch. I was responsible for handling daily deposit business from local banks, undergoing KYC (Know Your Customer) procedures on various financial institution clients, checking their credit ratings and assisting the branch manager in the preparation of research report for new potential business.

    The 40-day stay at Frankfurt allowed me to reflect my life and my attitudes towards work. Apart from the challenge of handling some internal systems that were new and fresh to me, I learnt about the different aspects of the banking operations. Moreover, I learnt the importance of team spirit which is about doing your job efficiently and alleviating the burden of your supervisor. If you are able to suggest a better solution to complete your tasks, it would even make you a helpful team member.

    After the internship, I have achieved a lot. I enjoyed the friendship with my colleagues and got valuable insights from them. I also got a clearer direction for my future career. When there is a chance, try hard to grab it or it will walk away. I expect to continue pursuing my goals.

    Victor NG Wai Yin, a former Intern of Bank of China Frankfurt, 15 June to 7 August 2015

    Working in a media company allows me to see the creativity, passion in media industry, as well as their persistence in perfection. I am happy with my internship experience.

    Wong Chor Yiu (BBA-BAF Year 4 student, Intern in a media company during July to October 2015)


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    Words from a Recent Graduate – Ella Cheng (Graduate of 2018)
    A Visit from Our Recent Alumnus – Henry Chan (Graduate of 2015)

    Welcome our alumni to reconnect with us. We want to develop a networking opportunity with all of our alumni – past and present. To keep us informed of your current status, please fill in the Alumni Connect Form and connect with us on LinkedIn.




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