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    The Women in Society Association promotes the role of women in business and enterprise through thematic seminars. 

    Topic Date Details
    Overview of the current global tax environment and its impact on businesses7 December 2022, WednesdayHERE
    Women in Professions Seminar: Putting ESG into practice?26 August 2022, FridayHERE
    Women Empowerment with Wellness and Resilience Skills Seminar:
    Women Attributes and Impacts of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Projects
    10 June 2022, FridayHERE
    「陪我講 ‧ 陪你闖 Live Chat with Youth」講座系列 – 創業「不」只是夢17 March 2022, ThursdayHERE
    Women in Leadership Seminar:
    Women in Leadership Within the World of Consumer Products Licensing
    25 November 2021, ThursdayHERE
    Women in NGOs and Wellbeing Seminar:
    1. Can Sustainable Development Goals be Applied in Transforming Business and Social Services?
    2. What New Perspectives can We Develop from Sustainable Development Goals?
    13 September 2021, MondayHERE
    Women in Society Seminar:
    Managing Self: Evidence from a COVID-19 Survivor
    15 July 2021, ThursdayHERE
    Women in Professions Seminar:
    How Technology Empowers My Organisation and Accounting Career?
    17 June 2021, ThursdayHERE
    “攜手同行,共謀發展” 聯誼活動暨深港澳女董事聯盟成立發佈會8 March 2021, Monday HERE
    UNSDG- Future Wellness Business with Transformations via SDG 3, 4, 8, 9, 19 under COVID-1927 February 2021, Saturday HERE
    Women in Entrepreneurship Seminar25 February 2021, ThursdayHERE



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