• The 2019 (9th) Junzi Corporation Awards Ceremony

    2019 Junzi Corporation Award Ceremony cum HSUHK Business Ethics Index Press Conference was successfully held on 6 December 2019. This event attracted 180 guests and 40 awards were presented at the Ceremony. This was organised by the Research Institute for Business of The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong (HSUHK) first time such a grand ceremony in the Ballroom of a five-star Hotel. The Ceremony is a remarkable milestone for our Junzi Project. We would like to take this opportunity to share with you our achievements.

    The Junzi Corporation Scheme is unique as it is an initiative of our students and staff and now it is a self-financing project involving students and staff from different Schools and Departments. The Executive Committee would like to take this opportunity to give extra credits to our three co-chairs who have contributed enormously to this year’s Scheme: Dr. Tingting Xie is spearheading the research taskforce; Dr. Kelvin Ho is leading the award ceremony taskforce, and Dr. Lawrence Lei is leading the education taskforce. The Scheme is supported by Ms. Jackie Kong, the event consultant.

    The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong, which has been dedicated to promoting business ethics, introduced the concept of “Junzi” character in Chinese Confucianism nine years ago and conducts an annual Junzi Corporation Survey (the Survey) to release the HSUHK Hong Kong Business Ethics Index (the Index) and commend Junzi Corporations that fulfils high ethical standards. The “Junzi Corporation” proposed by HSUHK is a comprehensive framework of virtue-based business ethics. Integrating the five virtues of “Ren(benevolence)”, “Yi(righteousness)”, “Li(propriety)”, “Zhi(wisdom)”, “Xin(trustworthiness)” under the umbrella of the “Junzi” character, it also absorbs the western emphasis of integrity and fairness in business ethics theory, thus is able to more thoroughly examine the business practices of a corporation and measure the overall level of business ethics in Hong Kong.

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    Junzi Corporation Award (Large Enterprise) Junzi Corporation Award (Small and Medium Enterprises) Junzi Corporation Exemplary Award
    The Hang Seng Bank AD Architectural and Interior Design Limited The Hang Seng Bank
    The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited MEMO PLUS PR The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited
    The Hong Kong and China Gas Company Limited Chung Wah Ghao Tea Products Company Limited The Hong Kong and China Gas Company Limited
    Ec InfoTech Limited Grand Brilliance Group Holdings Limited
    Holistol International Limited (2036) Accgirl Limited
    Kerry Logistics Network Limited Yeungs Marine Products Limited
    Memorigin Watch Company Limited
    Leadsky International Enterprise Limited


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