EAF Public Seminar 2018 – Seminar 1

Date:27 September 2018 (Thursday)
Time:1:15 – 3:15 p.m.
Venue:D714 Lee Quo Wei Academic Building
Speakers & Topics:Dr CHENG Wui Wing, Andy
Crypto-currency: Implication for Regulatory Governance
Dr MAN Ka Kit, Joe
The Effect of Asymmetric Information and Uncertainty in Capital Market
Dr LI Ya, Leah
Two Birds, One Stone: Joint Timing of Returns and Capital Gains Taxes
Dr CHEONG Tsun Se, James
i) The Impacts of Financial Development, Urbanization, and Globalization on
Income Inequality: A Regression-based Decomposition Approach
ii) Revisiting Income Inequality in Rural China: A Decomposition by Regression

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