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    Dr Kevin ZENG (曾靖博士)

    PhD (HKUST)
    MPhil (HKUST)
    BSc (HKUST)

    Assistant Professor
    Department of Marketing
    Office: D504-B(1)

    Tel : (852) 3963 5659
    Email : kevinzeng@hsu.edu.hk


    Dr Zeng received his doctoral degree from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. His research interests include consumer psychology in cross-cultural contexts, online word-of-mouth, green marketing, and judgment and decision making. He teaches courses such as Marketing Research, Consumer Behavior, and Marketing in China.

    Research and Teaching Interests

    • Cross-cultural consumer behavior
    • Online word-of-mouth
    • Green marketing
    • Judgment and decision making

    Intellectual Contributions (Publications, Conferences, Books, Book Chapters, etc.)

    • Google Scholar: https://scholar.google.com.hk/citations?hl=en&user=DJ83fmIAAAAJ
      Selected Publications
    • Yang, M. X., Yu, I. Y., Chan, H. and Zeng, K. J. (2020). Retain or upgrade: The progress-framing effect in hierarchical loyalty programs. International Journal of Hospitality Management, 89, 102562.
    • Song, M., Yang, M. X., Zeng, K. J. and Feng, W. (2020). Green knowledge sharing, stakeholder pressure, absorptive capacity, and green innovation: Evidence from Chinese manufacturing firms. Business Strategy and the Environment, 29(3), 1517-1531.
    • Zeng, K. J., Yu, Y., Song, M., Yang, X., & Li, J. (2019). Prosocial individual values and collective action: Does the societal culture matter? Social Behavior and Personality, 47(5), 1-9.
    • Yik, M., Wong, K. F. E., & Zeng, K. J. (2019). Anchoring-and-adjustment during affect inferences. Frontiers in Psychology, 9, 2567.
      Selected Conference Presentations
    • Chan, H., Zeng, K. J., & Yang, M. X. (2020, August). “The interaction of culture and forum design in online reviews”, American Marketing Association (AMA) Conference, San Francisco, USA.
    • Chan, H., Zeng, K. J., & Yuen, W. Y. (2018, December). “Opinion leadership in product review forums,” Australian & New Zealand Marketing Academy (ANZMAC) Conference, Adelaide, Australia.
    • Yang, M. X., Zeng, J., Yu, Y. (2018, July). “Motivation from reward cards design: Left-to-right or right-to-left?”, 6th Annual China Marketing International Conference, Shanghai, China.
    • Yang, M. X., Chan, H., & Zeng, J. (2018, June). “Feedback framing in loyalty programs: A cross-cultural investigation”, Global Marketing Conference (GMC), Tokyo, Japan.
    • Yang, M. X., Zeng, J., Chan, H., & Yu, Y. (2017, August). “The communication strategy in rewards program innovation: Reward pursuit sustainability from a regulatory fit perspective”, American Marketing Association (AMA) Conference, San Francisco, USA.

    Research Grants and Awards

    • The Polarizing Effects of Electronic Word-of-Mouth: Self-Promotion and Self-Protection Perspectives. Faculty Development Scheme. University Grants Committee. Hong Kong. Grant No. UGC/FDS14/B06/20. HK$ 448,195. 2021/01-2022/12. Principal Investigator.


    D751, 7/F,
    School of Business
    Lee Quo Wei Academic Building, Yuen Campus,
    The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong,
    Hang Shin Link, Siu Lek Yuen, Shatin,
    New Territories

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    Tel : (852) 3963 5551
    Email : sbus@hsu.edu.hk
    Facebook : @sbus.hsuhk.edu.hk

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