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    Dr Eko LIAO (廖逸博士)

    PhD (HKU)

    Associate Head and Associate Professor
    Department of Management
    Office: D703

    Tel :(852) 3963 5093
    Email : ekoliao@hsu.edu.hk


    Dr. Eko Liao graduated from The University of Hong Kong with a PhD degree in Management. Her research interests include optimizing employees’ personal thriving and work experiences at workplace, and how leaders and organizations facilitate building a contemporary work environment to enhance such experiences. Dr. Eko Liao teaches management related subjects in undergraduate & postgraduate levels (e.g., MBA, MSc, PhD), and for executive training programs.

    Research and Teaching Interests

    • Employee job crafting behaviors
    • Idiosyncratic deals
    • Organizational leadership
    • Paradox in organizations
    • Interpersonal dynamics at workplace

    Intellectual Contributions (Publications, Conferences, Books, Book Chapters, etc.)

      Journal Publications
    • Liao, Eko. Y., Wang, A. Y., & Zhang, Q. (forthcoming). Who influences an employee’s dark side: A meta-analysis of counterproductive workplace behaviors. Organizational Psychology Review.
    • Liao, Eko. Y., & Hui, C. (2019). A Resource-Based Perspective on Leader-Member Exchange: An Updated Meta-Analysis. Asia Pacific Journal of Management, 1-54.
    • Liao, Eko. Y., Lau, V. P., Hui, R., & Kong, H. (2019). A Resource-Based Perspective on Work-Family Conflict: An Updated Meta-Analysis. Career Development International. 24(1), 37-73.
    • Liao, Eko. Y., & Hui, C. (2016). Supervisor monitoring and subordinate innovation. Journal of Organizational Behavior, 37(2), 168-192.
    • Schweinsberg, M., Madan, N., Vianello, M., Sommer, S. A., Jordan, J., Tierney, W., … Liao, Eko. Y., … & Srinivasan, M. (2016). The pipeline project: Pre-publication independent replications of a single laboratory's research pipeline. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology.
    • Tierney, W., Schweinsberg, M., Jordan, J., Kennedy, D. M., Qureshi, I., Sommer, S. A., ... Liao, Eko. Y., … & Zhu, L. L. (2016). Data from a pre-publication independent replication initiative examining ten moral judgement effects. Scientific Data, 3.
    • Liao, Eko. Y. (2014). Book review: Art of Negotiation. Tan Pan, 3, 138-143.
    • Bhappu, A. D., Wong, M., & Liao, Eko. Y. (2014). Negotiating Through Darkness: Reflecting Cultural Intelligence. Tan Pan, 2, 66-87.
      Book Chapters
    • Liao, E. Y. & Zhang, Q. (2019). Negotiation styles inspired by Chinese Wisdom. In Negotiation Essentials for Lawyers, A. K. Schneider & C. Honeyman (Eds.). American Bar Association.
    • Liao, E. Y. & Zhang, Q. (2018). The Gong Hui Mediation Committee, Ju Wei Hui Neighborhood Committee, He Shi Lao Peacemaker, and Other Cultural Models of Conflict Resolution. In Stephanie Stobbe (Ed.), Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding in Asia. Lexington.
    • Liao, E. Y. (2017). Style and Culture in Neogiation. In A. K. Schneider & C. Honeyman (Eds.), The Negotiator’s Fieldbook—The Desk Reference for the Experienced Negotiator. American Bar Association.
    • Le Baron, M. & Liao, E. Y. (2014). Culture and Communication: When East Meets West. In Nadja Alexander (Ed.), The Hong Kong Mediation Manual (pp. 113-154). LexisNexis.

    Research Grants and Awards

    • Principal Investigator, Leading through Paradox: A Dual-Component Approach of Control-Autonomy Paradox. HKD 591,695, RGC. 2020-2021
    • Principal Investigator, Crafting for better or worse? An empirical investigation on different foci of employee job crafting behaviors. HKD603,117 RGC. 2018-2020
    • Principal Investigator, Identify the Uniqueness of Idiosyncratic Deals: A Comparison with Similar Practices and an Empirical Investigation. HKD339815, RGC. 2017-2019
    • Principal Investigator, Research project of counterproductive work behaviors 2013-2014
    • Co-Investigator, Macau Employee Confidence Index 2015
    • Co-Investigator, Personnel Survey of Macau Accountancy Sector 2015


    D751, 7/F,
    School of Business
    Lee Quo Wei Academic Building, Yuen Campus,
    The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong,
    Hang Shin Link, Siu Lek Yuen, Shatin,
    New Territories

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    Tel : (852) 3963 5551
    Email : sbus@hsu.edu.hk
    Facebook : @sbus.hsuhk.edu.hk

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