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    Dr Yui Woon WONG (王銳桓博士)

    DBA (University of Newcastle)
    MBA (University of South Australia)

    Senior Lecturer
    Department of Management
    Office: D749A

    Tel : (852) 3963 5000
    Email : yuiwong@hsu.edu.hk


    Dr. Wong started his career in IT discipline for multinational banking and financial institutions since 1987. Later on, he further moved on to project management and consultancy in banking and government sectors. He has been engaging in tertiary education in Hong Kong, Macau and British universities since 1998. Dr. Wong was awarded the Doctorate Degree by The University of Newcastle, Australia. His Master Degree in Business Administration was awarded by The University of South Australia. Dr. Wong’s teaching interests include Business Strategy, Marketing, Management, HRM, Organizational Behavior and TQM.

    Research and Teaching Interests

    • Organizational Behavior and HRM

    Intellectual Contributions (Publications, Conferences, Books, Book Chapters, etc.)

    • Wong, Y. W. and Wong, Y. T. (2017) The effects of perceived organisational support and affective commitment on turnover intention: A test of two competing models, Journal of Chinese Human Resources Management, 8, 1, pp. 2-21.
    • Wong, Y. T., Wong, Y. W. and Wong, C. S. (2015) An integrative model of turnover intention: Antecedents and their effects on employee performance in Chinese joint ventures, Journal of Chinese Human Resources Management, 6, 1, pp. 71-90.
    • Wong, Y. T. and Wong, Y. W. (2013) Workplace guanxi and employee commitment to supervisor in Chinese international joint ventures, Journal of Chinese Human Resources Management, 4, 1, pp. 39-57.
    • Wong, Y. T., Wong, S. H. and Wong, Y. W. (2010) A study of subordinate-supervisor guanxi in Chinese joint ventures, The International Journal of Human Resource Management, 21, 12, pp. 2142-2155.


    D751, 7/F,
    School of Business
    Lee Quo Wei Academic Building, Yuen Campus,
    The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong,
    Hang Shin Link, Siu Lek Yuen, Shatin,
    New Territories

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