• Guest Lecture: Application of Artificial Intelligence in HR Management

    The Guest Lecture on “Artificial Intelligence in HR Management: Limitations, Lessons and Insights” was successfully held on 7 November 2019. Mr Fredrick Woo, Relationship Director of Strategy Business from Multiable Company, shared the new trend of using Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the Human Resource Management Industry.

    At the beginning, Mr Woo explained how to create an Artificial Intelligence and make it work. After he put us in the picture, he mentioned some cases to discuss the pros and cons in AI application. For examples, adopting Microservices can help with the cost control and analysing may be restricted by the limited amount of data.

    Mr Woo further mentioned that the very first enterprises who adopted AI successfully reduced the cost and have become the top-ranking in the market. He also believed that although AI still in the early stages of development, it would influence every perspective in future. At the end of the seminar he encouraged students to learn at least one programming language to enhance their competitiveness.

    Mr Woo shared the new trend of using Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) in Human Resource Management Industry.

    Prof Irene Chow, Head of Department of Management, presented a souvenir to Mr Fredrick Woo.


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