HSMC Entrepreneurship Case Competition 2017

Congratulations to the winning teams of the HSMC Entrepreneurship Case Competition 2017 – a new initiative jointly organized by the Department of Management and Ana by Karma which is a well-known social enterprise in Hong Kong. Ana by Karma was founded in 2014 for supporting the Bhutanese women who serve as artisan weavers for producing scarves so as to improve their living conditions.

Over the past two months, participants have analyzed a case focusing on the strategic development of Ana by Karma. On the Presentation Day of the Case Competition on 23 June 2017, three finalist teams presented their business plans and further elaborated their business ideas to a panel of adjudicators including Ms. Quin Thong (Founder of Ana by Karma), Prof. Irene Chow (Head of Department of Management), Mr. Alvin Cheung (Senior Researcher of Our Hong Kong Foundation) and Dr. Kenneth Kwong (Assistant Professor, Department of Marketing). Ms. Quin Thong, together with Ms. Pema Choden (CEO of Ana by Karma), also gave an inspiring closing speech to the participants, underscoring the importance of empowering the village housewives in Bhutan with the scarves and the various channels established to help improve their financial situations.

The Competition not only enrich our students’ understanding in entrepreneurship through an in-depth engagement into a designated business start-up case, but also engage them to help the Bhutanese families as the winning teams are going to implement their business ideas for the social enterprise.

Congratulations again to the winning teams!

The Awards of the Competition were as follows, with member names in alphabetical order:

Award Team Name Team Members (Programme / Year)
Champion Shatea Tang Suk Chun (BBA-MSIM Year 3)
Tong Oi Ting (BBA Year 3)
Wong Wai Yuen (Surveying Year 3)
1st Runner-Up MA&KET Hung Po Yan (BBA-MGT Year 3)
Kong Chak Wa (BBA-SCM Year 4)
Ng Ho Yan (BBA-SCM Year 4)
Tang Chun Yu (BBA-MGT Year 3)
Yao Hiu Tung (BBA Year 4)
2nd Runner-Up M Dragon Chan Hiu To (ABAGM Year 1)
Chan Wing Mei Queenie (ABAGM Year 1)
Lee Shun Tak (ABAGM Year 1)

Each team presented their business plans and answered questions from the adjudicators.


Ms. Thong and Ms. Choden gave a speech towards the end of the presentations.


Ms Thong presented the 2nd Runner-up award to the members of MDragon.


The team members of MA&KET received the 1st Runner-up award from Prof. Chow.


The Champion, Shatea, received the certificates from Mr. Cheung and Ms. Choden.


As a token of appreciation, Prof Chow presented certificates to the adjudicators Ms. Quin Thong and Mr. Alvin Cheung, Ms. Pema Choden for her support and Mr. Joseph Koc (Advisor of Ana by Karma) for his coordination of the competition.



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