• “Managing Oneself in 21st Century” Video Series Launch Ceremony and MLA Forum

    “Managing Oneself in 21st Century” Video Series Launch Ceremony and “Management as a Liberal Art Forum” organized by Peter F. Drucker Academy, co-organized by The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong, sponsored by Wai Yin Association, video venue sponsored by St. Regis Hong Kong, was successfully held on September 23rd, 2021 at Auditorium of The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong. More than 100 participants including business leaders, professionals and students attended the event.

    The ceremony started off with the “Managing Oneself in 21st Century” video debut. Based on Peter Drucker’s original writing “Managing Oneself” published in Harvard Business Review in 1999, “Managing Oneself in 21st Century” video series, comprises of 6 episodes, interviews with 6 prominent figures in Hong Kong from different walks of lives, aims to prepare youngers today with abilities adapted to change, and on becoming future responsible leaders. The “Managing Oneself in 21st Century” video series will be open for free public free viewing at official website of Peter F. Drucker Academy, and various social media platforms soon.

    The first welcome speech was delivered by Prof. Simon Ho, the President of The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong, he believed that skills of managing oneself can prepare the youngsters to face the future challenges, uncertainties, and changes, as “coupled with big data, AI will have a huge impact on people works and lives, many of the current professions will undergo drastic changes, employees have to be re-trained if they don’t want to be replaced.”

    Then Dr. Ricky Szeto, Executive Director of MLA Foundation delivered the welcome speech, he emphasized that “individual development and cultivation is the key to the greater success of the community”, and it’s particularly important to nurture a strong and positive self in this pandemic era.

    The shoot of video series took place at St. Regis Hong Kong, Ms. Vivian Wong, the Director of Marketing Communications of St. Regis Hong Kong received the certificate of Appreciation on behalf of the organization.


    To show the generous support of Wai Yin Association, Ms. Sandy Lau, President of 2021/2022 Executive Committee of Wai Yin Association and Ms. Ellen Wong, Honorary Mentor and Board of Trustees Member of Wai Yin Association, presented the sponsorship cheque of HK$200,000 to Dr. Julia Wang, President of Peter F. Drucker Academy Hong Kong; in expression of gratitude, the certificate of Appreciation was presented to representatives of Wai Yin Association, Ms. Sandy Lau, Ms. Ellen Wong, as well as Ms. Germaine Li, Membership Officer of 2021/2022 Executive Committee of Wai Yin Association; Ms. Karen Ng, Ms. Livia Tang, Ms. Cezarine Lee, members of Wai Yin Association.

    It then followed with the welcome speech delivered by Ms. Sandy Lau, in the hope that “through this program, our youngsters today can learn the importance in adapting to change, in prepare themselves for responsibilities, maximize their potentials and become future leaders.”

    The first part of the ceremony ended with the welcome speech of Prof. Bradley Barnes, Dean of School of Business, The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong. He emphasized the importance of managing oneself, and its significant role in the individual career development, “if I can’t manage myself well, how can people look at me and think that I can manage them well.”

    The second half of the ceremony as the MLA forum, started off with the panel discussion on the theme of “Managing Oneself in 21st Century”, moderated by Ms. Angela Lee, Certified Drucker Educator, and Dr. Joey Wan, Chief Drucker Educator of Peter F. Drucker Academy Hong Kong. Panel member Ms. Sandy Lau shared her life story of turning from a banker to Miss. Hong Kong, and then became a mother and entrepreneur, she emphasized that it’s important “for us to keep open-minded, come out of your comfort zone, try to prioritize and balance between what you really want to do and what is meaningful for you.”


    Rev. Dr. Stephen Lee, City Pastor of Saddleback Church Hong Kong shared his story of on the verge of bankruptcy because of poor self-management, but the encounter of Peter Drucker changed his whole perspective about life, he realized that “you are not managing your life, you are exploring your life.” Which in the process, you started to understanding yourself.

    Mr. Sunny Wong, Former Chairman and CEO of Carlsberg Greater China, reflected on his management experience at Carlsberg, he emphasized that it’s critical for a leader to care for the people, organization and the society, while “it’s important to ask ourselves what we are going to contribute to this company, today, and also the future; and what we are going to contribute to the community?”, which is the quintessential tasks of all fellow members of all organizations.

    The second panel was on the theme of “Preparing Future Leaders Today”, moderated by Ms. Ruthia Wong, Former GM of Greater China eCommerce of Mead Johnson Nutrition, and Dr. Julia Wang.

    Dr. Alman Siu-cheuk Chan, principal of Christian Zheng Sheng College thinks that communication is the key for the future leader, “Listening, how do you listen to someone, and you really hear what they are saying, that would really change the future work style, or technology.”

    Mr. Chu Tsz-wing, Chief Headmaster of St. Hilary’s Kindergarten and Primary Section stated that technology play an important role in future leadership, “Technology is to help people to do work more efficiently, and change our lives, technology is not computer only, they are tools.” Technology are the tools for innovation and innovative mindset, which must be acquired by future leaders.

    Prof. Jeanne Fu, Head and Professor of Department of Marketing, The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong, thought that future leader must embrace change. “When it comes to change, it provides an opportunity and a new way to look at yourself,” in the process of finding new way and new meaning, which pushes you to move forward and craft your own story.

    Dr. Cecilia Tsui, Founder and Executive Director of Innovation Forum Hong Kong, she pointed out that for Drucker, technology are tools to serve human needs; in order to strike a balance between technology and future work, we need to strengthen the humanity perspective and acquire 5 habits at our work life, “Time-management, building on strength, setting priority, making effective decision and focusing on results.”

    Finally, the ceremony ended with the closing speech by Dr. Julia Wang emphasized that “Managing Oneself is about responsibility and impact. We are living in a digital networked society, what we like to make the society to be happy, angry or sad, it is up to you. Thus, managing oneself is a call for action. Achieving a functioning and healthy society, everyone counts.”

    The audiences attentively listened to the keynote speech.
    Speakers and participants exchanged ideas before the ceremony.
    Speakers interacted with the audience crowd.


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