Mid-autumn Tea Gathering 

During the EAF Mid-Autumn Tea Gathering, Year 1 BBA-FA and BBA-FB students had their “first date” with their personal tutors. They enjoyed the mooncakes and other refreshments on that night. But more importantly, they had a pleasant time chatting with each other and also with their personal tutors! Through the ice-breaking games, they knew more about their personal tutors as well as their classmates. Some lucky ones got prizes too! The event ended with cheers and joy! Hope more students from different years will join similar events in the future.
Though this event has ended, the communications between personal tutors and tutees never come to an end. Dear tutees, doors of personal tutors are always opened for you. Please don’t hesitate to leave your tutor a message whenever you encounter problems in your studies!
Some photos of the events:

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