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    One of our students worked as an intern in a financial institution

    One of our students worked as an intern in a financial institution

    HSUHK considers internship to be an effective learning tool for students. The on-the-job training and close supervision of internship projects help students to integrate textbook knowledge with practice, making the learning experience even more rewarding and challenging.   Through our College’s Careers Office, we have partnered with numerous financial institutions to provide internship opportunities for our undergraduates.

    “Working as an intern in China Citic Bank International was an extremely valuable and precious opportunity to consolidate and heighten my knowledge base. For instance, we have all learned and heard the terms such as FX Swap, Bid Ask Spread, Buy Low Sell High and etc.  However, how are they actually being used in the real business world?  All these are integrated into my daily work in the bank, not just written definitions in the textbook or lecture notes.

    Other than that, this internship experience helped me to build up life-long friendship with my colleagues, get a “real world” insight and advice towards my career goals. More importantly, it has also enlarged my network and connection in the business world and will enhance my employability.” 

    Daniel Chan, a previous intern in China Citic Bank

    Student Activities

    • Mainland Orientation (AY2019/20)

    To welcome new BBA-FA mainland students and to help them settle in a new environment, our Department organized a social gathering for the students to mingle and meet faculty members in mid-September 2019.

    • Mid-autumn Tea Gathering (AY2019/20)

    In EAF Mid-Autumn Tea Gathering, BBA-FA Year-one students had their first meeting with their personal tutors. They enjoyed the mooncakes and other refreshments on that night. More importantly, they had a pleasant time chatting with each other and also with their personal tutors.

    • EAF Hike n Chill (AY2019/20)

    In autumn, BBA-FA students were invited to join the hiking activity with their personal tutors. The hiking trail was Ma Shi Chau Nature Trail. This was a traction event to strengthen communications and bonding between personal tutors and tutees in a non-classroom environment.

    Student Enhancement

    • EAF Investment Competition (AY2019/20)

    Our Department launched the first EAF Investment Competition in Semester One to promote BBA students’ interests in investment and financial markets. A total of 18 teams participated in and started their simulated trading and investing activities in early September. After seven weeks of managing their investment portfolios, five teams with the highest rate of return were shortlisted for the finalist round in which teams were required to prepare a presentation to explain their investment strategies.

    Overall, we saw very impressive work. The five finalist teams demonstrated their hard work and well thought out strategies. It was really a hard decision of who would be the ultimate champion of the competition. There were just a few points of difference among the winners. Finally, we announced the winners as follows:

    Champion Bullbear team awarded HK$3,000 cash coupon
    1st Runner-up* HDZ team awarded HK$2,000 cash coupon
    2nd Runner-up Halia team awarded HK$1,000 cash coupon
    Special prize Champion and Voyagers teams each team member awarded HK$100 cash coupon

    *The team comprised three Year 1 students from BBA-FA and BBA-FB.

    The Award Presentation cum Sharing event was held on 22 January 2020. Prize recipients and members of the faulty also shared their investment and trading experiences with the attendees. Moreover, a lucky draw was held for all attendees. Investment classics books on two legendary investors, Warren Buffet and Peter Lynch, were given out to the two lucky winners.

    • Financial Trading Lab Workshop Series (AY2019/20)

    Two Financial Trading Lab Workshops with the topics “Trade the Stock Market Using Bloomberg’s Charting and Indicator Functions” and “Understanding the Role of Front Office in Investment Banking” were held in October 2019 and January 2020 respectively. BBA-FA students were invited to join the above workshops. The Financial Trading Lab Workshop Series focused on a series of topics with emphasis on the practical and vocational aspects of finance. The objective was to help students to develop day-to-day knowledge in finance, economics and capital market.

    • 5-day CFA Preparatory Course via Microsoft Teams (AY2019/20)

    It has been organized with a focus to gear students up for the appropriate part of study in the first year that is relevant to the CFA Level 1 exam. In the online course, 61 BBA-FA students participated.

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