• Research Training Workshop (IV), Research Institute for Business

    The Department of Accountancy and the Research Institute for Business co-organized a three-day Research Training Workshop on 2, 4 and 5 May 2017 to staff members from the School of Business. We are honoured to invite Professor HAW In-Mu, Visiting Chair Professor of the Department of Accountancy and Professor Kevin LAM, Professor of the Department of Accountancy, to be the trainers of these workshops.

    The main purposes of these workshops were to encourage cross-disciplinary research and provide useful tips in research to staff members. Topics taught in these workshops included (a) Using WRDS Database, (b) Using SAS to access WRDS, (c) Research in Hong Kong (Accounting and Finance related) and (d) Research on Board Networks. During the workshops, participants were inspired by the trainers and they had a lively discussion and a great learning experience.

    Participants were eager to raise questions to share their viewpoints regarding the topics and content. The workshops concluded successfully on 5 May 2017. A lunch gathering was arranged on the same day so that the participants could connect with each other for future potential research opportunity. 

    Professor HAW and the participants 會計學系許仁茂教授和參加者
    Professor Kevin LAM and the participants 會計學系林自強教授和參加者

    Professor HAW and the participants

    Professor Kevin LAM and the participants



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