• Alumni Sharing Cum Mentorship Program Closing Ceremony

    The Mentorship Program 21/22 launched by the Department of Marketing has reaped abundant positive feedback from both mentors and mentees, despite being in its first year of operation. On 25 November, a full stop was drawn for this one-year program with a closing ceremony, which came as a perfect conclusion, thanks to two outstanding alumni, Crystal Lai and Stephanie Tsang, who shared with us their experiences on career planning.

    Crystal Lai, with her stories of starting a leathercraft business while giving private piano lessons, proved that one can definitely flourish in multiple fields at the same time, as long as he keeps cultivating his potential and sees failures in unfamiliar fields as opportunities for learning.

    Stephanie Tsang, a senior manager of DBS Bank Ltd, revealed her confusion about her future when she was an undergraduate, and shared with students how she gradually found her path, which was to experience the work and culture of various enterprises through attending interviews and engaging in internships. 

    Besides personal experiences, they also shared their contributions in the program, like recommending internship opportunities and comprehensively reviewing mentees’ startup plans and offering constructive feedback. The event was not only informative but also inspiring.

    Everyone is sure to encounter moments of being lost when first stepping into the workplace, but one can always figure out his pursuit and find his own path by actively attending career counselling activities and listening to useful advice from others. This is the meaning of running the Mentorship Program. Building on the success this year, the 22/23 program will soon commence. Let’s hope that it will be thriving as much as, if not more than, the previous one.

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