• Professional Recognition / Connection

    Professional connections are vital to HRM students. Here are some examples of professional connections.

    • Professional Accreditation
      • BBA-HRM is accredited by the following professional bodies:
        • Hong Kong Institute of Human Resource Management
        • Chartered Professional in Human Resources Canada (CPHR Canada) and is granted exemptions from the CPHR National Knowledge Examination in Canada.
    • Internship Programmes
      • Through internship, students not only put theories into practice, but also broaden their horizons and gain working experience in HRM.
      • BBA-HRM students are required to complete 1 Human Resource Management Elective, either HRM3021 Internship in Human Resource Management or HRM3022 Consultancy Project in Human Resource Management.
    • Mentorship Programmes
      • Mentorship programmes enhance students’ understanding of the real-world, expand their social networks, and provide advice for personal and career development.
    • Student Enhancement Programmes
      • BBA-HRM organises a variety of student enhancement programmes (such as forums, workshops, and firm visits, etc.) to link students with practitioners.
    MGT Venue - What is HRM about

    Hong Kong Institute of Human Resource Management (HKIHRM) President David Li (fourth from left) and Vice President Lawrence Hung (fourth from right) were invited to be keynote speakers in a discussion forum in HRM.



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