• ITN3001

    ITN3001 Field Experience (Job Placement) provides students an experiential learning opportunity to apply concepts and knowledge learnt in their academic study to real world work environment.  This experience will enable students to gain a better understanding of the nature of business and allow them to explore potential career paths upon graduation.

    Learning Outcomes

    Upon completion of this module, students should be able to:
    a) integrate knowledge and theory acquired in the business curriculum and apply to a real work situation;
    b) establish professional network in a career field of interest;
    c) express ideas in a clear and organized manner in both oral and written communication; and
    d) provide solutions to solve simple organizational problems.

    Pedagogical Methods

    Prior to the internship, a briefing on the eligibility, types of internship, curriculum requirements and relevant information regarding the internship module will be offered to students. Upon approval of the internship, students will be assigned the Internship Tutor and the Company Supervisor. The Internship Tutor will provide students the guidance, support and feedback throughout the internship. The Company Supervisor will evaluate students’ workplace performance in an assessment form. Students are required to produce progress report, conduct a presentation and submit a final reflective report to the Internship Tutor at the end of the internship. For details, please read other sections below.

    Job Application Approval and Module Registration

    • For Internship solicited through Career Planning and Development, Student Affairs Office (SAO-CPD), students are required to complete the Placement Offer Notice (available at SAO) before commencement of the internship. For details, please refer to SAO’s website https://careers.hsu.edu.hk/student-info/work-placement-student.
    • For self-searched Internship, students are required to submit online application through the Internship Management System and seek approval from the Internship Coordinator of respective programme.
    • Students are required to submit application BEFORE the application deadline in each application period (see Section: Important Dates).
    • For reference in selecting appropriate self-searched internship, please refer to respective Internship Approval Criteria.
    • If a student has an existing job (part-time or internship), and s/he can extend the job period to cover 150 internship hours and the extended period falls in an Effective Internship Period (EIP), the student can still use this extended period to apply for ITN3001. EIP here refers to the period between the date of approval from the Internship Coordinator and one week before the completion deadline.
    • For Internship either from SAO-CPD or self-searched, application result will be announced through email, an Internship Tutor will be assigned to each student. The Module Administration Team/ SAO-CPD will proceed with respective Module Registration with the Registry.

    Job Termination, Job Change, and Module Retake

    • Module add/drop, Credit Transfer or Module Exemption are not applicable to ITN3001.
    • Once an internship is approved and commenced, for any termination of approved job or any change of job without a sound justification, students will receive a “Fail” grade.
    • If a job termination is necessary, students are required to inform the Internship Coordinator immediately. Students failed to do so may receive a “Fail” grade.
    • If a job change is necessary, students are required to seek prior approval from the Internship Coordinator before the job change. Students without prior approval may also receive a “Fail” grade.
    • Sound justification for job termination or job change here refers to strong reasons with respective evidence. See examples as follows:
      Unacceptable ReasonsReasons may be considered with supporting documents
      • The job tasks are too difficult
      • The location is too far away
      • Not interested in job nature
      • Internship is terminated due to unsatisfactory performance of the
      student such as working attitude, work quality
      • Any other personal reasons
      • Workplace harassment
      • Workplace injury
      • Illegal or unethical job tasks
      • Internship is terminated due to circumstances beyond students’ control,
      e.g., the internship programme is cancelled
    • If a student received a “Fail” grade in a previous semester, s/he may retake that module. The ”Fail” grade will still be shown in the transcript even if the student has subsequently managed to pass the module retook. The grade(s) of retake(s) of the module will also be shown in the transcript.

    Important Dates, Credits Count and GPA

    • ITN3001 Field Experience (Job Placement) is a 3-credit module with no effect on GPA score.
    • Students are required to submit the application before the application deadline. And the internship should be completed one week before the completion deadline of the semester.
    • For registration in Semesters 1 and 2, the credits will generally be counted in the same semester, however, registration in the Summer will be counted in Semester 1 of next academic year.
    • If an internship spans over two or more Internship Periods, such as a one-year internship, the credit will be counted in the semester in which the internship will be completed before respective deadline. For example, if an internship started in Semester 1 of 2022/23, spans over Semester 2; and will be completed before Apr 2023, the credits will be counted in Semester 2 of 2022/23.

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