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    College Policy on the Use of VeriGuide (Extract)
    The definition of “Plagiarism” and the College policy regarding the use of VeriGuide are shown in the Degree Student Handbook 2016-17 (Section 12: Plagiarism, page 19) and are extracted below for your reference.

    Definition of Plagiarism
    “Plagiarism” is an act that comprises borrowing the work of others, including printed and online resources, as one’s own work without proper citation or acknowledgement.  The use of other’s work may include such practices as copying source materials, paraphrasing or translation of source materials, citing other’s work without proper citations or acknowledgements, paraphrasing the author’s ideas, etc.
    The College adopts zero tolerance to plagiarism.

    The Use of VeriGuide
    All students are required to use the VeriGuide software for originality check before submitting an essay/ report assignment weighting more than 15% of the overall module and attach the originality check report to the assignment. The submission date of the assignment and the VeriGuide check, whichever the later, would be taken as the final submission date of the assignment. Use of the VeriGuide is mandatory for all modules, except with modules which by their very nature render the use of the VeriGuide inapplicable, e.g. accounting, interpreting modules, etc.




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