• Assessment Methods

    Completion Requirements, Module Assessment Components and Passing Requirements

    • Students are required to fulfil a minimum of 150 internship hours from ONE approved job in the Effective Internship Period (EIP).
    • As an interim report, students are required to discuss the job progress with Internship Tutors on or before the Progress Update Deadline. Please contact your Internship Tutor to discuss the format of interim report and the exact deadline of the Progress Update. 
    • Upon completion of the job, students are required to submit all the following documents and deliver an oral presentation to the Internship Tutor before a mutually agreed deadline (at least 1 week before completion deadline of ITN3001).
      1. Completed, signed and company chopped Company Supervisor Assessment (CSA) Form
      2.  Written Reflective Report (around 1,000 words)
      3.  Student Signed Academic Honesty Declaration Statement from VeriGuide.
    • Students will receive a “Fail” grade if they failed to complete any task herein stated before completion deadline.

    *Students will receive a ”Fail” grade if they failed to attain a minimum of:
    (a) 30% in the Major Assessment Component (i.e., the ITA); or
    (b) 40% of the overall score (i.e., the CSA plus ITA)

    Recommended Content for Final Report

    • Introduction of the company/department the student works in)
    • Job Description (e.g. job nature, duties and job role)
    • Difficulties encountered
    • Area(s) of improvement
    • Reflection of internship experience

    Documents Submission To School Office

    • Please upload two photos of yourself taken during internship with company logo (in jpeg format) (click here)


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