• Sharing of Research Findings at International Conferences 2021/22

    In the academic year 2021/22, despite the pandemic, our members have been dedicated to their research work and shared their research findings at international conferences and workshops, including


    Dr Haksin CHAN, Dr Kevin ZENG and Dr Morgan YANG: “Managing buyer-generated reviews on multi-sided platforms: A co-creation perspective,” Australian & New Zealand Marketing Academy (ANZMAC) Conference [Virtual].

    Dr Fanny CHAN: “The role of visual-spatial properties in Chinese brand name recognition and perception,” International Conference on Management, Economics and Finance (ICMEF) at Zurich, Switzerland, July 2022.

    Dr Man Lai CHEUNG: “Understanding individual participation in NGOs’ time banking,” Australian & New Zealand Marketing Academy (ANZMAC) Conference [Virtual].

    Dr Thomas LEUNG: “Economic power and political influence: Sources of conflict between the U.S. and China and how do they affect the global status of Hong Kong as a financial hub in the Asia-Pacific region?”, Academy of International Business Asia Pacific Regional Conference, December 2021 [Virtual].

    Dr Tingting XIE: “Governance-based view of corporate brand equity: An empirical study of long lifespan firms,” The British Academy of Management 2021 Conference: Recovering from Covid: Responsible Management and Reshaping the Economy [Virtual].


    Dr Fanny CHAN: “Co-Branding Recall: How consumers’ short- and long-term memory and recognition of co-branding in TV programs is affected differently by familiarity and product category,” featured speaker for the Advertising Research Foundation (ARF), JAR Insights Studio, 4th May 2022.

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