• AC.CG Alumni Sharing 2022 – Career Development: Company Secretarial and Advisory Professions

    Company secretarial and advisory professions have long been two of the major career fields in which our students pursue after graduation. The Department of Accountancy hence organised the AC.CG Alumni Sharing 2022 event on 29 June 2022 and invited 5 of our alumni as guest speakers to share their working experience in these business sectors.

    From the reasons of entering the fields to the professional knowledge and personal traits that employers are looking for, our guest speakers discussed different aspects of their professions covering numbers of topics such as scope of duties, interview procedures and tips, and the challenges that they encountered at work. In addition, our teacher moderators also highlighted the corresponding departmental support available to the current students and alumni as well as the recently launched postgraduate programmes offered by the School of Business which may favour the audience aiming for career advancement.

    After the sharing, our guest speakers and teachers stayed behind and mingled with other on-site participants.

    Sincere gratitude to our guest speakers for sparing their time for conducting the sharing session and we wish all our final-year students and alumni great success in their career development.


    5 alumni from company secretarial and advisory professions are invited as the guest speakers of the event.


    Group photo of guest speakers, alumni and ACY teachers after the event.

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